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New & Reconditioned Conveyors & Conveyor Systems
Producing Conveyor Systems In Southern California for Local and Nationwide Sales

Mechanical & Electrical Installation

Installations MasterFOR HIRE, Southwest Region:

  • We have our own in house, experienced technicians to address all aspects of your installation
  • To accommodate your production schedule, we can create modified installation phase schedules and critical shutdowns.
  • A project manager is assigned to each project to insure material delivery and labor resources are on site on schedule.
  • We understand the value of keeping the client informed of all aspects of the project progress, and we strive to stay ahead of schedule.
  • We are licensed and insured in the state of California.
  • As part of Ingalls Conveyors Safety Program, all our employees are required to go through a monthly training process. This training is required to ensure our employees are moving towards a safe work place and a safe installation.

Please call 1-800-826-4554 or email to contact one of our engineering staff members about your specific mechanical installation requirements.


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