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Electrical Controls

Electrical MasterIngalls Conveyors is a Conveyor System Integrator specializing in Drives and Control Systems in Materials handling , packaging , and Robotic palletizers.

Our experience includes electrical engineering, designing, programming, software development, manufacturing, and integrating numerous conveyor control automation projects.

These projects include everything from simple control panels, to stand-alone drive panels, to HMI interfaces, to PLC automation, to custom communication drivers, to precision high speed coordinated drive and control systems.

Ingalls Conveyors capability is comprehensive and includes experience in:

  • PLC design, programming and start-up
  • Coordinated Drive and Control Systems (AC and DC)
  • Motor Controls
  • CAD Service
  • Panel Shop
  • Electrical Installation
  • Maintenance Diagnostic Systems
  • Integrated Control Systems
  • Industrial Computer Applications
  • In-motion Scanners
  • In-motion Scales
  • Sorters

Please call 1-800-826-4554 or email to contact one of our engineering staff members about your specific electrical control requirements.


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