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Questions that customers will need to answer as Ingalls develops a conveyor system profile.     

  1. What general type conveyor system are you considering?
     i.e Distribution, manufacturing, cross dock, etc.
  2. What is your production rate expressed in parts per minute, hour or day?
  3. How many shifts a day do you run?
  4. What is the heaviest and lightest load that the conveyor system will handle?
  5. What are the dimensions of your largest and smallest conveyable product?
  6. What will be on the conveyor: Plastic totes, corrugated boxes, plastic overwraped product, etc. And if boxes, are the bottoms sealed?
  7. If your specifications require that the conveyor system will need to change elevations, we will need to know the weight distribution of your product.
    i.e. bottom third, evenly distributed, or top heavy.
  8. Are their any unique or unusual requirements?
    i.e. High frequency stop and starts, extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, corrosive environments, abrasive or porous product, etc.
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